The Grove House community is everyone who uses and love this space – that includes you, dear friend! You are always welcome to join our weekly GHC meetings, every Friday at 11 am in the Living Room. We deal with the logistics of space and funding requests, as well as other issues that come up with regards to using the house and we brainstorm and implement events, projects, and programming for the house and its extending communities.

The GHC ::: Statement of Intent

From the moment the Grove House began its relationship with Pitzer, it has been an enduring symbol in the ever-changing landscape of the Claremont Consortium. We believe in the House’s potential to host responsible, radical, inclusive communities. The Grove House Committee provides structure and support to strengthen and care for the many facets of the House.

As friends, allys, intellectuals, and community members, we wish to remain both loving toward and critical of the house by continually appreciating and re-evaluating it. Our responsibility is to work toward making the House ever-more inclusive and attuned the needs to of a dynamic community.

As organizers, we hope to encourage critical thought, hospitality, and joy among our peers by offering a wide range of programming for the House. The Grove House Committee initiates a conscious balance of activities and supports all students in creating additional programming for this venue.

As advocates for the House, we aim to balance the Grove House’s use as a comforting home-space with its physical reality of being 110 years old. This requires active communication, including community meetings, dialogues with the administration, widespread outreach, and thoughtful, visible guidelines for responsible use of the space. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible about processes and programming relevant to the Grove House. We will use a wide range of creative tools to share this information.

As individuals we express our love for this symbol by respecting and caring for the Grove House and the communities that use it.

An absurdly grainy photo of last semester's Grove House Committee (FA 2012).

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