About the Position

When the house was being reconstructed in the 1980’s, the original Grove House Committee (at that time known as the Zetterberg Committee) decided it would be important to have a student caretaker to look after, manage, and live inside the Grove House.  The caretaker fulfills many roles – as a social chair, kitchen staff, student-faculty-staff-administration liaison, organizer, protector, and (at times) housekeeper – and is rewarded for their time, love, and involvement with free room and board, not to mention one of the most unusual and incredible living experiences of a lifetime!

Current Caretaker

Margot Mattson for 2016-2017


Former Caretakers and Lovers of the House and supporters of the Community

Sweets Nicky Weaver Weinberg 2015-2016


Sassy Shelby “Buritto” Hyman 2014-2015


JJ Oesterle - Grove House Caretaker for the 2013 - 2014 academic year!
 Always Fun-going, JJ Oesterle 2013-2014
Taking notes at a LitPo meeting; in the back classroom of the house!
The Lovely Haley Brown. 2012-2013

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