a quick post containing leonard’s wisdom

944416_4809832851729_777016986_nthe final story slam of the year was magical. the stories were memorable, thoughtful, and inspiring, and i don’t think i have never seen such a supportive audience. i felt beyond lucky to be a part of it.

i’m overwhelmed by all of the grove house and pitzer love recently, and i find it strange to be temporarily leaving such a newly beloved place that has become my home. but, i found solace in some quasi-metaphorical words from our always sage leonard (resident storytelling guru and pick-axe curator) during his story. he said:

“we took the lego man apart and we built cities and dreams with him.”

so, dear grove house lovers, let’s wrap up this year together and prepare for the wonderful and unknown things that lie ahead. this lego man is coming down and cities and dreams await.

infinte love to you all,



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