The Grove House, A Metaphor

I was walking the other day and overheard a question being posed:

“Why is the Grove House so charming? So loving? So warm?

Well the simple answer is YOU! The people, of the past and of the present, make the House what it is. Also the place is kind of special.

Here are some examples…

  • Garden Shears: New buildings constructed on campus are like a brand new pairs of shears, still reeking of Lowes plastic packaging, and neglected mass production.
    The Grove House is like these pair of handmade English garden shears. Beautiful, functional, timeless.
  • Slingshot: Everyone buys their slingshots from Toys ‘R Us these days. Flimsy, tacky, and ripe for the garbage (since that plastic sure can’t be recycled). Remind you of something?
    Enter the Grove House, a handcrafted masterpiece, built to last generations, launching small, odd objects as projectiles. Perhaps this cedar Minnesotan slingshot serves as a good example.

So the next time asks you about the Grove House, send ’em this way.

Psssss… Hey you! Yeah, you! Have you heard the rumors? The Grove House is getting it’s own, handcrafted website? Soon, yes! Keep you eyes peeled…


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