Evening Organizer Meeting ::: April 19th

o hey wusup.

Hi all! Here are some notes from the concise 1-hour evening organizer meeting we had tonight.

Critiques about this year:

  • organizational work (budget, minutes, etc).
  • Having ideas that we’re excited about and not following through
  • Follow-throughs on constitutions
  • Bringing the roles to life
  • Day to day functions of house as more integrated into people’s lives in little ways
  • More Grooves
  • Reach out to broader community
  • Keeping up the MOMENTUM!
  • Communications

Feel-goods about this year:

  • Organizational meetings
  • Following through on certain things well
  • Events – high quality.
  • Consistency / organization compared to previous years
  • Humans
  • Soil + seeds

Goals for Next Year:

  • Dealing with guest room
  • Relationship with clubs
  • Working toward a Grove House Staff
  • Big calendar in chalkboard / digital googlecalendar (more heavily advertised)
  • Library  for next year
  • Rethinking and re-evaluating subcommittees (a constantly revised category fitting to the house. Major meetings can reassess subcommittees and focuses of community attention).
  • Aesthetics – changing things for different seasons (integrating with open house!)

All tasks for the end of this year:

  • Set up google docs. – communicate with other clubs.
    • list all administrative documents from this year and last year
    • create a list of folks to keep in touch with (Jennifer, Pam, Drew, Chris, etc).
    • keep line of communication open with steering committee
  • informal alumni open house – for this year? May 3rd?
  • Plan/organize dates for first few events
  • Plan what to do with first-years! (coming back early?)
  • Excellent open house within the first week.
  • Budget

Plans of action:

  • JJ; Kate; Keiko Jessica will or may be here early next fall to organize before the semester starts!
  • Nicky – coordinating major first open house (a more consistent event? With pins or )
  • Kate, Suriya – coordinating interactive gallery event right away
  • Alyssa – (maybe) coordinating swing dance event
  • Nicky + JJ – coordinating sunday study (+ snuggle?)

Next Meetings:  

  • Friday May 3rd – 6:30 pm. Evening Organizer, JJ’s facilitating 
    • draft letter to clubs/organizations re: how to throw events/be involved.
    • work on budget for next year
  • Brunch meeting, exact time TBA but weekend of May 10th, Leonard’s facilitating
    • scheduling specific events for next semester.
    • Planning a basic curriculum for OA people, first-years, open houses, etc.

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