Our Zine Library at the Grove House

Not long ago, we posted about our newly organized Grove House library located on the first floor of the house. I’m happy to announce some new additions to the library in our zines section!

The newest additions to the zine library!

Our library has started small, as zine libraries often do, with a few findings from around the house and a couple selections donated to the house from LA Zinefest. Thanks to the very generous Los Angeles Queer Resistance (LAQR), a group of radical queer zinesters based out of SoCal, our zine library has grown tremendously pretty much over night.

LAQR’s third issue of their zine.

If you’re interested in learning about queer philosophies and communities, anarchist thought, community spaces, the prison industrial complex, herbal remedies (!), and more, the Grove House’s zine library is something you should definitely check out!

Our library, featuring our growing zine collection!
So cozy, right!?

If you’d like to find out more about LAQR or even contribute to their next issue, you can find them on their Facebook and Tumblr pages:


Interested in zines? Want to meet zinesters? Perhaps looking to swap zines with other SoCal buddies? Check out the 1st Annual (hopefully) Claremont Zinefest happening on April 27th from 1 – 5PM on the Grove House’s front lawn! There will be live music, sweet DIY merchandise, zine making workshops, and many many lovely fellow zinesters. Check out the facebook pages for the event here:




¡viva la resistencia!


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