In Review ::: First Poetry Open Mic of the Semester!

0Organized by Alyssa Glass (pz ’16) who hosted alongside Alex Fraknoi (pz ’16) and Jael Cecile Berger (pz ’16) the House hosted it’s first poetry open mic of the semester tonight! This is something we’d love to see alternating with Story Slams in the future – if you’re interested in getting involved we’d love to hear from you! Stop on by our general committee meetings on Fridays at 10 am, or our LitPo meetings on Sundays at 9 pm! Tonight we had a cozy crowd packed in and mmming to poems by:

Leonard, Aria, Emily + Benjamin, Briana, Adin, Nicky, Alex, Alyssa, Lisa, Tyler, India, NIck, Jael, haley and Halie.

Thanks to everyone who shared and listened!

Did you know it’s National Poetry Month?! How will you celebrate?


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