Evening Organizer Meeting ::: April 5th

For tonight’s Evening Organizer meeting, we worked on our programming report to turn into the Steering Committee next week. The Steering Committee is a group of Pitzer administrators, professors, facilities specialists, and students who are charged with creating a 5-year plan for Grove House restoration and rehabilitation to be turned in to the President’s office by the end of the semester. The Committee has asked the GHC to provide a summary of Grove House intentions and programming needs to ensure that decisions to physically restore the space keep the House’s functionality and spirit at heart. While we want to preserve some of the house’s historical integrity, we don’t want to turn this place into a museum when we have 100+ people cycling through every day for meetings, music events, open mics, etc! Read on for our current collection of Programming needs and goals.

Summary of Grove House Programming:

Notes from 4/5 Organizer meeting

In attendance: Sam DeRosa (Facilitator); haley brown; Jessica Lin; Leonard Schlӧer; Nicky Weaver-Weinberg; Alyssa Glass-Kyes; JJ Oesterle


In alignment with the Grove House’s general intentions, programming at the House strives to welcome community members to enjoy the space through a wide range of reliably occurring events. Those listed below represent a range of events that the Grove House Committee has been or is interested in pursuing.


  • Story Slams (living room): every two weeks; 60 – 100 people; cookies. The story slam aims to foster community by creating an open and safe space for stories to be shared and heard.
  • Groove at the Groves (porch): 3-4 times a month; 25 – 100+ people; sponsored by both the Grove House Committee and other student organizations. The Groove at the Grove is casual forum for student performers and musicians of student interests.
  • Open Houses (throughout the House): one each semester (and maybe a “closing house” too); 50 people cycling through over a few hours; scavenger hunt; craft project; welcoming + learning about the house; getting to know the caretaker and committee; especially aimed toward the first-years. The Open House is an opportunity to introduce people to the Grove House and its history, as well as offering a chance for community members to learn about the inner-workings of the Grove House and meet the individuals involved in organizing (hopefully encouraging them to get involved!).
  • Birthday Party (indoor-outdoor): once a year (October); 200+ people; involving many on-campus clubs and organizations; collaborating with other on-campus eateries; workshops; music; activities; open mic. The goal of the Birthday Party is to celebrate the Grove House as a multi-faceted space and encourage the community.
  • MoundFest (indoor-outdoor): once a year (April); 200+ people; student bands; workshops; art; collaboration with various clubs and eateries. Moundfest is a collaborative celebration of the end of the semester highlighting community engagement and entertainment.


  • Workshops (porch / gallery): 10 – 20 people; writing; poetry; crafternoons; useful skills. The workshops function as casual outlets for creative expression and skill-share that aim to foster new connections through shared activity.
  • Teach-Ins / Discussions (indoors – dining/living room): ~25 people; twice a month; invite a speaker/facilitator (student, professor, staff member, outside speaker, etc); to host a discussion on a wide range of topics – science, race and oppression, love, political/societal issues, thesis topics; serving tea and coffee and sometimes potluck dinner. The Grove House Teach-in/Discussion aims to bring a wide range of views and opinions into open discussion at the Grove House.
  • Art Shows (Hinshaw Gallery): 10 – 15 people at a time; at least one exhibit per month – some of which showcase a specific artist and others of which are compilations around a theme; a foldable corner/art table that’s okay to get dirty for some in-house art projects. The goal of the Art Shows is to provide an open space that functions as both a gallery for visual and performance art as well as a craft and creative venue.
  • Open Mics / Sharing Circle (Living Room): 10 – 15 people; once a month. Open Mics invite students to share their music, poetry, visual art, and to celebrate the art and ideas of their peers.
  • Sunday Study (throughout the House): ~10 – 40; weekly 1 – 4 pm; cookies/doughnuts; healthy snacks; tea and coffee; conversation; support; peer-tutoring. Sunday Study aims to provide a relaxed, cozy, mildly social atmosphere to support students (especially first-years) in their academic endeavors. 



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