House Happenings


As always, there is so much going on in this old place and I really want you to know about it! I’ll try to break it up into more palatable portions, since I know lengthy emails/blogs/messages tend to get glossed over these days (especially in the chaos of this time of year).


We’ve got a lot going on these days!  Come on upstairs tonight (Thursday, April 4th) at 7:30 for FemCo’s Art Exhibit “I need feminism because…” then pop downstairs at 9 (or 8:30 for cookies + mixer) for the Grove House Story Slam “Rocks & Hard Places.” Then come back tomorrow at 9 pm (Friday, April 5th) for LSU’s Ritmo at the Grove! And next Thursday (April 11th) at 9 pm LitPo brings you our first Poetry Open Mic of the semester!

Grove House Committee:

The GHC has been meeting twice a week – on Friday mornings at 10 am in the living room and Friday evenings at 6:30 pm in the back classroom, both gatherings are open to the public and I adamantly encourage anyone interested to come!

Morning meetings one hour long and deal with space and funding requests and upcoming events. Evening meetings are generally a little longer and sometimes include food, and these are more geared toward larger conversations about community and public space. In these evening organizer meetings, we’ve been working on reports for the Steering Committee, which is made up of administrators, staff, faculty, and student representatives charged with creating a 5-year rehabilitation plan for the house due at the end of the semester. We have an impending deadline for our report about programming needs for the House, so tomorrow night’s discussion will be centered around that!

The Aesthetics subcommittee of the GHC is temporarily on hold to prioritize other facets of the House, but last Friday we introduced a new temporary subcommittee to plan for an upcoming party Spring Fest, which meets Wednesday nights at 9:30 pm. Spring Fest will involve music, food, and activities and is scheduled for April 26th!

In Closing:

The end of the semester is upon us folks! It’s hard to believe, but we really only have a few weeks left for Grove House shenanigans before finals set in. Let’s make them count! If you’ve been wanting to throw a Grove House event all semester now is the time to come to a meeting and request the space! We’d love to support you in any way possible.

much love,



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