Story Slam ::: Rocks & Hard Places – April 4th!


The next installation of the beloved Grove House Story Slam is coming at you on Thursday, April 4th. Join us at 8:30 pm for our pre-slam mixer (free cookies!) and 9 pm for stories! The theme is Rocks and Hard Places –rockin it; rockets; on the rocks; rock-climbing; solid as a rock; the rock; pet rocks; geology; hard-headed; rock concerts; rock walls; rock n’ roll; The Rocky Horror Picture Show; Bert & Rocky’s; rocky road; rocking the boat; Rocky and Bullwinkle; RocketPower; hard times; hard knock life; wagon wheels; Rockin Robin; rock-a-bye-baby; hard candy; rock-hard-abs; hard tests; hardly listening; hardy laughter & hardy soups; Hard Day’s Night; hard liquor; hard of hearing; hard-hearted; Hardy Boys; hardy hardy har… hard shell; hard hat; snot rockets; hardly strictly.Sure, getting up in front of folks is always a bit rocky the first time, but it shouldn’t be HARD to find a great way to connect to the theme; creative interpretation, as always, is more than hardly applauded.
Check out our Facebook event here:
Be sure to check out The Moth – the lovely organization that inspires these Slams. They have a free podcast (downloadable from itunes), and lots of events in LA and other US cities. Click the link for more info! 
ghc litpo (we meet every Sunday at 9 – come plan with us!)

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