GHC ::: Caretaker 2013-14 Application!

Grove House Caretaker Application


  • Cover Sheet (wouldn’t show up on the blog; it’s in your email though!).
  • References (contact information for at least 2 people)
  • Application Questions (see below)


  • You must be a rising sophomore, junior, or senior.
  • You must have prior leadership experience at Pitzer.  Examples:  held an executive position for a Pitzer club, lead an OA trip, or have been an RA or Mentor.
  • You must turn in your application by Friday, March 15th at 12:00 am.
  • Applicants will be notified and interviewed during the week we return from Spring Break.


The goal of the Caretaker position is to facilitate community development within the Grove House. Many people consider the Grove House to be the heart of Pitzer College. When applying for this position you are accepting responsibility as a leader amongst your peers and assisting in the guardianship of the physical space.

Extending from your role as physical guardian, it is important that you work alongside your peers in preserving and protecting its historical integrity, initiating important changes, and maintaining a welcoming community. This includes:

  • The Basics: Locking up and opening up the doors every day, making sure that furniture is neatly arranged and personal belongings are claimed or placed in lost & found, and maintaining a comfortable, homey aesthetic. This will involve developing a strong relationship with the maintenance staff, filing work orders, organizing the house, and helping people understand how to use the space respectfully.
  •  The Grove House Committee: The Caretaker’s biggest responsibility is to serve as organizer of the Grove House Committee, and to facilitate its meetings in a way that best serves the community. This will involve working with others in the group to design the most effective meeting formats and strategies, encouraging involvement, delegating subcommittees, planning events, managing a budget, and especially, outreach! Also, you’re a key in selecting the next Caretaker!
  • History and Advocacy: People demand a lot of the Grove House and you are its voice. This is so important, and involves learning its stories and keeping them alive, and advocating for the house’s restoration, funding, respect, care, and place in the community in a variety of ways.
  • Current Caretaker Note: “Personally, I think your biggest responsibility as the Grove House Caretaker is to help as many people feel at home here as possible. I think each Caretaker will do that in their own ways and I’m so excited to hear about how you see yourself working toward that! “—haley brown ‘13”


*To request an electronic copy of this application, please email*

  • Cover sheet: This is included in the email – please let me know if you have any questions about that.
  • References: Please provide us with the name and contact information of two references. One must be a former employer or supervisor.
  • Please answer the questions below in as much detail as you’d like:
  1. Why do you want to be the Grove House Caretaker?
  1. What does the Grove House mean to you?
  1. What has your involvement been like on campus? At the Grove House?
  1. What type of programing have you been involved in that you feel has prepared you for this position?
  1. What do you think is important to preserve?
  1. What do you think needs to change?
  1.  What is your understanding of the responsibilities of this position (in your own words)?
  1. How will you build community within the Grove House?
  1. How will you connect it to the larger community?
  1. How do you feel about being a public figure on campus – what does that mean to you?
  1. What do you see as your role in the Grove House Committee, and what are your ideas for it?
  1. What will your workload be like?
  1. What is your support system like?
  1. What activities do you plan to be involved in, and what might you be willing to discontinue if


  1. Other thoughts:

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