GHC ::: Evening Organizer Meeting (Photos!)

Sam, Alyssa, and Phoebe honored us with a DELICIOUS meal of beet risotto, asparagus, and freshly baked bread!
We had a few more folks this time (woo!) and so we added another little table to our setup, which of course was supplied with crayons and paper …
Kate graced us with another gorgeous table-setting – we pulled out some of the succulents I planted at the open house!

Hi buddies! Another very productive meeting on Friday; no time for a post at the moment but here are some photos (thanks to Kate!) to tempt you to get involved. Check back soon for a summary and thoughts! Please come to our next Organizer Meeting on Friday, March 8th at 6:30 pm – we’ll be continuing the work we’ve begun on outlining new student roles for care of the house and stronger systems of communication, organization, and programming. Everyone’s invited; please RSVP though (, so that we know how much food to make! Also, I’d love to send you notes from our previous meetings if you want them.




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