Aesthetics ::: Reorganizing to Revitalize

Every Monday at 7pm The Grove House Aesthetics Committee meets and tackles a new project in the house regarding restoration, organization, and the general appearance/feel of the house. This week we decided to work on the book shelves in one of the back classrooms. These book shelves, these poor, neglected book shelves, have been collecting random odds and ends for years, unattended and in disarray. We quickly started to realize that this had become quite the eclectic collection with books such as these:



We had everything from poetry, classics, and non-fiction to romance thrillers, zines, and quilting books:


ImageAmongst the chaos and random finds, we were able to separate books we felt fit with the Grove House vibe and many that were actually practical and useful. As we delved deeper, we knew which ones we had to keep and which ones we had to let go because they were quite literally piling up (haha).


Because we couldn’t keep them all, we will be having a little book sale soon – more info to come!

Finally we were able to organize everything and rearrange the room a bit to create a much more comfortable, open, and productive space to use! Hopefully you will all feel motivated to get comfortable, cozy up and read some of these great books you have access to!



Now that the books are getting organized and taken care of, we hope to expand our collection. We would love to provide students with access to more books and hopefully part of this will include the creation of our very own Grove House Library!

If you have any interest in getting involved in these projects, have ideas of your own, or you’re just looking to have a wonderful (productive) time with some wonderful people, please come to the meetings! All are welcome and all ideas are appreciated! If you can’t make Mondays at 7, still come to the general community meetings Fridays at 10am!

Much love.



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