Story Slam ::: Growing and Shrinking!

The Grove House gets allll elegant for Story Slams.
Each slam is co-hosted by a freshman/sophomore – junior/senior duo. This week it was the lovely Sam (pz ’16) and myself! If you’re ever interested in hosting, come to LitPo or a Grove House Community meeting!
Sam’s reading a story short – this week the prompt was *tell us about a time you felt all grown up!*
COZY little audience!

dsc_0076 dsc_0046

Well my dears, we celebrated our first Story Slam of the semester last night! Thanks to everyone who came to listen, tell, and participate in this fantastic event – it was such a pleasure to host and it’s just a huge reminder to me personally of why this house and the community space it provides are so worth fighting for. Today during our morning Community* meeting we decided that the evening could be summarized (though a bit simply) by the tagline, “bathtubs, bodies, and mountains,” as those seemed to be emergent motifs of the stories told last night. I do hope you will join us for the next slam, which is March 14th and themed Ties – from tongue-tied to black-tie, tying the knot to tying a game, tie-dies to family ties, it’s tieme to tie it all together! As you know, creative interpretation of the theme is always heartily applauded; the facebook event can be found here. Check out the house calendar (on the right-hand side of the home-page) to see the rest of the scheduled slams for this semester.

In the mean-time, enjoy the photos from Pitzer’s lovely online newspaper, The Orange Peel! Click the link for more  – taken by Lianna Johnstone!

(Also if you’re in a photo on the blog and would prefer not to be, let me know – email – and I’d be more than happy to take it down!)

Finally, don’t forget to check out The Moth – the freaking AWESOME organization that inspires these Slams. They have a free podcast (downloadable from itunes), and lots of events in LA and other US cities. Click the link for more info!



*we’ve changed the GHC to stand for Grove House Community instead of Committee – more on that to come!


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