Looking Back ::: Nest; Fall 2012

Photos by the exceptionally talented pz senior, Phoebe Duvall!

fave2 fave3 fave4 fave6 fave7 fave8 fave9 fave10

The Nest exhibit was taken down quite a while ago now, but I still feel it here in some ways. Here’s the statement I had written about it:

Like a nest, I consider the Grove House to be intricately layered, its seams woven with threads of history and its structure fortified with motley collections from its past inhabitants. Memories, trinkets, yellowing books, past conversations, half-written poems, and radical ideas tuck themselves into the cracks in these walls, the creases of this creaky furniture. I think humans are comparable to other creatures in the creation of their homes – which involve some equivalent to feathers, string, twigs, grass, and other items of comfort and texture spun together in such a way that is delicate, strong, and always deeply personal. What do we surround ourselves with, and why? How do spaces connect us to other people, other eras, other places? What makes us feel warm, loved, safe, “at home?” What is home?

Inspired by the participation installations of Candy ChangNest aimed to explore these and other questions in a collaborative, interactive way. It was an evolving exhibit that spanned several weeks and invited people to contribute any artwork (photography, paintings, sculptures, collage, poetry, music, short stories, or anything else). The gallery opening occurred in conjunction with our annual Grove House opening, From the Grove House with Love during which welcomed new students and their families to Pitzer in August.  


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