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Elliot erwitt - bert meyers
Check out this gorgeous article about Bert Meyers from the LA times –

For those of you who may not know, the Grove House Committee (which meets on Fridays at 10 am in the living room; all are welcome!) is broken up into various subcommittees which deal with more specific aspects of the House’s personality and programming. The Literature and Poetry subcommittee (affectionately nicknamed ‘LitPo’ by Brian Robbins!) is pretty much what it sounds like – a small group of students responsible for planning and organizing lit-related events and projects.

Last semester, LitPo became a venue for planning the popular Grove House Story Slams, started by Michael Landsman (Pz’12), Sarah Evers (PZ ’13), and Charlotte Pradie (PZ ’13) and modeled after the podcast and radio show The Moth, which hosts  live storytelling events in major cities. These events, or ‘slams’ have a theme of the night (last semester’s themes were Transportation, Taking Sides, Super Natural, and Getting Comfortable), and invite audience members to put their name in the hat for the opportunity to tell a 5-minute true personal story based on that theme. Story Slams have become one of the most beloved features of the Grove House nightlife.

I’m excited to announce that our FIRST slam of the semester has been set for Thursday, February 21st at 9 pm and the theme is Growing and Shrinking! Growing pains, shrinking sweaters, fluctuating feelings, seeing a shrink – we encourage you to grow all out; creative interpretation of the theme is always heartily applauded. Come to tell or to listen, but get here right at 9 if you want your name in the hat! Check out the facebook event!

In other news, Simone Fine (Pz ’13) is starting a writing workshop series through LitPo! Maybe you’ve always wanted to slam a story but you’ve had trouble crafting one? Maybe you’ve been itching to start a memoir but need some group motivation? Maybe you just wana get to know some cool folks and eat cookies and drink tea? This is a great opportunity for you! The Story Workshop will be happening on Friday, February 15th from 2 – 3 pm upstairs in the Bert Meyers Room (if accessibility is an issue please email the Caretaker –; the event can easily be relocated). Hope to see you there!

If you want to help plan LitPo events (poetry slams! readings! story slams! workshops! one act plays!), or organize LitPo projects (a zine display! a trade library! anything!) please know that you are always enthusiastically invited to join us at LitPo, Sunday nights at 9 pm in the back classroom of the Grove House! 




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